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יורי: Dear Botz Team –

I wanted to write to thank you for the amazing work on our trip to Georgia.

I am sure you have many different types of clients and I expect that while we were not the most difficult we were also not the easiest to please. You successfully created an amazing trip that met our special needs for kosher food and varied riding levels.

Every rider felt that the trip was customized for his needs and 16 out of 16 rated the trip as well above their expectations. I want to specifically mention Ron and Ami and what a fabulous job they did both before and during the trip. They managed all logistics perfectly, including last minute changes, and gave us 4 days of amazing riding. The local guide Toko was also great and added a lot to the trip.

I would be pleased to serve as a reference for future trips as needed, and will also do a quick survey of the guys who went to get you any and all feedback on areas for improvement as well.

Thanks again for an amazing 50th birthday trip!


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